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Connecting my old laptop near the satellite in that master bedroom. That lets us see how fast each router can move data without the variables and limitations that come with connecting via your home internet service, where your ISP essentially sets the speed limit. Those lovely images and excellent contrast ratio come with a potential problem: burn-in. The tele-camera features a 103mm periscope-style f/3.5-aperture lens with a native 4x optical zoom, and 10x “hybrid-zoom” images combine data from the 48 MP tele- and 108 MP standard-wide sensors. The graph below shows that even in low light, the Samsung consistently produces sharp images in all instances. Compared to other manufacturers’ skins, like Samsung’s TouchWiz, it’s simple and light, favoring performance to flamboyance. I’ve tested a number of bargain picks like that — among them, the AC1200 version of Netgear Orbi, currently available in a three-pack for $115, is my top recommendation, with the right balance of performance and value. It isn’t quite as fast as the Wi-Fi 6 version of the Netgear Orbi listed above, but the Editors’ Choice Award-winning Asus ZenWiFi AX (model number XT8) came awfully close — and at $450 or less for a two-piece system, it’s a lot easier to afford.

The new Zoom score of 88 is based on an ultra-wide score that close to the best. We rate the best TikTok lights we’ve tested based on ease of setup, performance, special features and value. It would be nice if the Daybetter LED Strip Lights offered native support for an assistant like Alexa, but you could always attach the strip lights to one of the best smart plugs for voice control and smart home integration. With over 100,000 reviews, these strip lights are a favorite among those who want a trendy product for under $20. For those of you who never seem to nail eye contact with the camera lens, the S10’s cutout is a great feature, making this task ridiculously easy. The earbuds also perform well — though not exceptionally — as a headset for making calls. The biggest names that are still waiting for Wi-Fi 6 speed test data are the Nest Wifi mesh router and the Asus ZenWifi XT8, both of which performed well when I tested them with my old Wi-Fi 5 laptop. When we clocked the top wireless transfer speeds for a single Wi-Fi router from each system, it was the Eero Pro 6 that led the way with a close-range top speed of 1,008Mbps. That makes it the only mesh router we’ve tested that was able to top out above gigabit speeds in this single-device test.

Sometimes it’s just easier to stick with a single retailer for all your shopping, especially if you do it in person. Whatever your morning drink of choice, an electric kettle makes it that much easier to get hot water at the ready. Sub-6 Ghz technologies for up to 2 Gbps downloads over 5G. And while 5G coverage is still pretty sparse, you’ll get plenty speedy service over gigabit LTE the rest of the time. It’s the slowest mesh router I’ve ever tested, which wasn’t surprising, but it was still functional and able to maintain average download speeds above 100Mbps in that back bathroom of mine. The Samsung Galaxy S20 isn’t the most cutting-edge of Samsung’s S20 lineup – that honor goes to the Galaxy S20 Ultra – but it’s still a powerful phone with an ergonomic and attractive design, and the introduction of new features like 5G, the 120Hz display and upgraded rear cameras make it an outstanding handset in its own right. I also shot a makeup test to see how well the S20 Ultra could show blemish-covering foundation on my less-than-perfect skin. I’ll update this post when I’m able to add those results, and I’ll also continue to run tests on both types of client devices in order to get a good sense of how well these routers perform with both current- and previous-gen hardware.

Top speed tests are one thing, but it’s important to also take a close look at how well these mesh routers perform when you add in the range extenders and pull data from the cloud, the way they’ll be used 99% of the time. I did a double take the first time I saw the price tag for the slimmed down, dual-band version of the Netgear Orbi mesh router system. In fact, the ZenWiFi AX offers the same multigig WAN ports as the Orbi 6, which is a great piece of future-proofing that you don’t always get in this price range. Still, if you can shell out the dough, you get clear 1080p resolution, access to all your favorite streaming apps, built-in speakers, and even a built-in battery that can last up to two hours without charge. If you really want to get dirt cheap, you could opt for a system like Vilo, which costs just $20 per device, plus shipping. It isn’t as high-powered and it isn’t a tri-band system like its big brother, but it comes with three devices that all support Wi-Fi 6 for $250, which makes it pretty interesting.

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