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3D model hospital room scene Purse Pets are basically living bags that can hold stuff but also blink, purr and even blow kisses at a child when it’s happy. Let the software take over, though, and you can snap at normal speeds with the sensor still managing to suck up every bit of available light. HDR scene mode to snap high-contrast pics in failing light. In all modes, we favored the automatic white balance setting, which only betrayed reality slightly under artificial light. Samsung’s leaning on augmented reality and some Family Guy branding to show the kind of tasks that can be accomplished with connected home assistance — and make it a little more, well, friendly. Getting into the camera app can be done in one of many ways: launching it as normal, swiping an icon across the display from the lock screen or holding the two-step, dedicated camera button. Barco Projector Control is one of the best projector applications available for free in the market. Despite Samsung’s best intentions, the first Galaxy Fold left us with plenty of questions about the viability of foldable phones. Issues with close-range zoom, slow autofocus in low light, and slightly underwhelming night shots prevented the S20 Ultra from challenging the best devices at the top of our database, however.

Low-light performance is better than expected, but outside of Superior Auto, it’s hard to keep pictures in focus and anything but really steady hands results in blurry shots. That’s not to say that color saturation is bad with Superior Auto — you just can’t get the full HDR pop. To get the beautiful high-contrast HDR images, however, you’re better off using the normal camera mode. Those fusion artifacts towards the edges of the frame are the most concerning aspect of the S20 Ultra’s performance, however, often rendering odd-looking fine details, as you can see in the crop below. Preparing the food, picking the music and ensuring the laundry can all be done from your giant connected Samsung TV, with Spotify playlist choices accessible from the fridge door. Bixby will also pipe up to guide you to where the music will play from, with even your smart lights adjusting to suit the mood.

Doorways will be making more appearances at “major tech events across the world” and will be setting itself up in cities including London and New York. The Superior Auto setting only takes a maximum of 7-megapixel images, but as all eight megapixels are available in other modes with the same aspect ratio (4:3), it’s hard to pick out any significant drop in quality. While the SP hasn’t yet launched with O2 and Vodafone, you can pick one up for free from £20.50 per month at Orange or £21 per month at T-Mobile, which also offers a pay-as-you-go price of £250 (around $385). Luckily, you can still upgrade your dad’s cooking toolkit with the $35 ThermoPop, a compact, lollipop-like thermometer that is accurate and easy to use. I might still not care hugely for the smart home in its current form, but this is involving and well, held my attention. The highlight of this debut ‘experience’ has to be when the Griffin patriarch has trouble remembering Samsung’s smart assistant name. It was a team effort: MediaMonks were the creative digital production partners, while Family Guy’s production team worked with BBH on both the narrative and experience. With image stabilization turned on, the display tells of a really smooth clip being shot while walking.

The iPhone’s optical zoom fared better, as the S10’s image is darker, with more artifacts in the photo. There’s also image stabilization as well as HDR settings, but they can’t both be enabled in tandem. The microphone picks up all the ambient sounds you want it to, as well. Though the HT3550 isn’t designed to be portable, it is lightweight enough to do the job, should you want to put together pop-up viewing events, and a quick and easy setup process makes it equally agile if you plan on toting it between locations every so often. Enough about Smart Things, enough about how a thousands-of-dollars TV can connect to a new thousand-dollar fridge or washing machine. Enough beautiful families showcasing features in beautiful houses that I can only dream of living in. A sweeping panorama mode that’ll have you spinning almost 300 degrees, an obligatory filter mode, a Superior Auto mode and a scene-selection mode round out the states you can put the camera in. While all three support the low-to-mid-band sub-6 technology, only the Plus and Ultra have mmWave antennas, which pull down even faster speeds. There are three distinct models of Xperia SP: C5302, C5303 and C5306.