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From what I remember, most everyone was sitting “Indian style” cross legged on the ground. Jim Laverty remembers the audience: “The crowd in front of me were all sitting down. There were no chairs, and I don’t remember seeing any twirling, or dancing in the crowd. After a moment of initial disappointment as the show came to a halt, the crowd regrouped with a thunderous burst of applause for the band’s exuberant performance. Reeve did, and Hart was able to put down an outstanding performance in the Quad. At first, he and Hart approached the music department to try borrowing some additional drums (timpani) for the show – a request that could not be granted on such short notice. ” (Stuart wasn’t sure who the Dead’s road manager was, thought it might be Rock Scully.) The cop announced: “We are to arrest someone if the music doesn’t stop. People called the chancellor to complain.” The concert was abruptly cut short when the police threatened to arrest the band’s road manager if they didn’t stop playing.

3-5 miles away and the police threatened to arrest their road manager, Rock, and they replied, “We’ll see ya in the morning.” They played a couple more songs and then said that if they didn’t quit that the whole band was going to be run in for disturbing the peace, so they ended with an acappella rendition of Praise The Lord I Saw The Light. In theory, I suppose, you could create an inverse image using Photoshop and run that on your screen for a while. The Xperia SP’s 4.6-inch TFT LCD screen boasts the same Reality Display tech as the Xperia Z, albeit at a lower 720p resolution, working out to 319 ppi. Here are the best tech deals from this week that you can still get today. But Electric Rainbow was there, projecting on a cloth backdrop behind the band, and the lights can be seen in some photos. One blip on the spec sheet is the 8GB of internal storage, star projector for room and you can only use 5.5GB of that for your own data. One of the major benefits of this model is the ability to help calm your mind and drift away to a deep sleep.

It might not be top of mind what with the daily stresses of college life, but a tidy dorm room is also key to keeping your mind clear of clutter. The best one for overall picture quality in a dark room is typically “Movie” or “Cinema.” If you’re dealing with ambient light, you might want to choose a brighter mode like Vivid or Dynamic, but be aware that they often skew blue, green or both. Editor’s note, Nov. 19: The iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max have the best cameras and best battery life of any iPhone we’ve tested. Unlike last year, both phones now have the same camera array and only vary in terms of size, battery life and price. From phones to TVs, if you want the best image quality, OLED is the way to go. “My best show ever, period. Black Friday deals: see all the best offers right now! Suddenly, Canon and Nikon were no longer the only two camera companies that mattered; there was now a third.

Stuart remembers it being a long time – seemingly “almost two hours” – before the Dead started. At one point in the Grateful Dead’s long show, guitarist and singer Bob Weir remarked on an ominous-looking sky, “This is what they call ’tornado weather.’” It started raining just as the band played “Morning Dew.” “A little rain came for a while but didn’t bother anyone,” says Jan Fitzgerald. Bear was very visible running the sound and generally at the center of the scene in the afternoon and into the show, complete with this little plastic bottle that looked like one of those things Murine eye drops used to come in. The camera flashes obscure the actual lighting, but the shot of Phil in the darkness may be closest to what it “really” looked like on stage. Like any hip, trendy influencer worth their salt, I also used the S20 Ultra to stream an Instagram Live session with all five of my eager followers.