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The home also has an external courtyard with space to entertain guests against the backdrop of distant sea views. The unique home offers a large open-plan living/dining/kitchen space with exposed brickwork, a vaulted ceiling with eight opening roof lite windows and a bowling alley. One particularly interesting feature is Roman Abramovich’s old bowling alley. Positioned directly beneath the main reception space is the old swimming pool accessed via a hatch and a staircase leading down from the kitchen. The building itself is actually an old Turkish bathhouse. Football frenzy is building across the nation as the England team attempt to make history by winning their first major trophy since the 1966 World Cup victory. I wasn’t at the 1966 final for work, as I was a reporter on a local newspaper in Suffolk at the time, but just as a fan. There was an amazing euphoria when the final whistle went in 1966 but I had to carry on with my job. They were given a whole batch of them for a number of matches in the tournament, but I was lucky enough to get one for the final. My office used to be next to Sir Alf Ramsey’s and when the team trained, he would often get me to join in and kick balls to players.

The Video Guiding You How to Turn Your Smartphone into a ... I was a very keen amateur footballer with a local team. It’s not going to replicate a Pink Floyd light show at the local planetarium, but it’s great for kids and can throw a little ambiance into the living room next Saturday night. The mezzanine accessed via an iron spiral staircase from the kitchen area overlooks the reception room. It now boasts its own bar, a nickel freestanding bath, stained glass windows, vaulted ceilings, a crawl-through tunnel to the utility room and American-style lockers which act as kitchen store cupboards. Stone steps lead down to cinema room which has a drop down projector and a custom-made fitted sofa, galaxy night light projector while the ‘submarine’ inspired utility room has a porthole for children to crawl through a tunnel leading through to the storage space beneath the main reception room. There is also crawling space through a small tunnel into the utility room on the lower ground floor. It was a wonderful game and as delighted as we were, there was less hysteria than there is now.

But now the time has come for Gareth Southgate’s men to give us new memories, they’re a wonderful team but it’s been one hell of a wait. It was incredible because photographers wouldn’t have that kind of relationship with the team now. The vendor used to work in a fairground when he was younger so he’s kind of reimagined his youth. Prepare for TAKE OFF! He told me that I was not allowed to tackle them, just pump the ball to them or take shots at Gordon Banks, which I often did. In low-light the Galaxy M31 takes longer to lock focus, so you will need to be patient while taking shots. The Samsung Galaxy M21 is quick to lock focus and meter light, but the scene optimiser isn’t as responsive. In video mode, white balance and color rendering are pleasant in most situations, but just as with still images, colors are slightly undersaturated in low light, making for a less vivid rendering of video footage than some competitors. But one group find themselves among a small but exclusive club of England supporters who can proudly say they were at Wembley for the 1966 victory and are still around to tell the tale.

They are also ideal for a get-together, with a ten per cent discount when you book the entire site. How much: To book all four yurts (for a group of approximately 18) for a three-night weekend in summer costs £1,680 (£31pp per night). That curved glass also makes it a little too easy to accidentally press something simply because you were holding the device; this was also a problem in past generations of Galaxy phones. Wrap up their new Galaxy Projector. The Optoma CinemaX P2 is clearly a cool looking piece of kit, and it’s not often you can say that about a projector. Apparently, he was throwing it out anyway and the vendors got hold of it, it’s an incredible piece of kit. Got tickets for the match in a draw. My manager at the time also got a ticket. Both are together under another of the ubiquitous glass roofs, but the decor this time is more relaxed.